100 things that make me happy

  1. Dunkin’ coffee (hot, of course).
  2. Waking up to the “class is canceled” email.
  3. Justin Bieber.
  4. Any dog I see.
  5. Re-watching Gossip Girl for the billionth time.
  6. Catching up on old YouTube videos.
  7. When the group chat is poppin’ and encouraging each other.
  8. Seeing my family and friends genuinely happy.
  9. Strawberry frozen margarita, with salt around the rim.
  10. Adult coloring books.
  11. Watching The Bachelor (my guilty pleasure, don’t @ me)
  12. Listening to podcasts (Jenna Kutcher is my all-time favorite!).
  13. When I get to talk to God.
  14. Every time I go home and see my family (read: my mother).
  15. Wine.
  16. Alone time.
  17. Alone time with God.
  19. Chipotle burrito bowl.
  20. Sushi.
  21. Honestly, any type of food makes me happy.
  22. Inspiring others even if it’s just one person.
  23. When a dog looks up at me.
  24. Reading a good book.
  25. SLEEP.
  26. When my friends tag me in memes.
  27. When I tag my friends in memes.
  28. Sending memes to my Twitter group chat.
  29. Writing articles for Odyssey and being a part of an amazing community.
  30. The thought of One Direction getting back together.
  31. Watching Friends. Never gets old.
  32. Virginia Tech. #livefor32.
  33. Going to a baseball game.
  34. No homework, no responsibilities.
  35. Listening to country music in the car, with the windows rolled down, and going 65 mph.
  36. Shopping with my mom.
  37. Opening up the Bible.
  38. Finding the “perfect fit” pair of jeans.
  39. Wearing dresses so I don’t have to wear pants.
  40. Rainy days.
  41. The lake > beach.
  42. Eating anything seafood!
  43. Positive affirmations in the morning.
  44. Coffee (did I say that already?).
  45. Getting an A on an exam.Cheese!
  1. How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and The Office.
  2. Weekends.
  3. More specifically, lazy Sundays!!!
  4. Lifting each other up on Instagram.
  5. Giving compliments to one another, even strangers.
  6. Sunsets over Burruss Hall (on campus).
  7. Watching Glee reruns (and sobbing at Finn’s death).
  8. The Obamas.
  9. Reading about history.
  10. Reading about my own family history.
  11. Soldier homecoming reunion videos.
  12. Hillsong worship playlist.
  13. When my WHOLE family comes into town (crazy but I love ‘em).
  14. Any type of love (friendship, romantic, family).
  15. The feeling I get when I cross something off my to-do list.
  16. Old brick houses.
  17. Farmer’s markets.
  18. Award shows.
  19. Going to the movies (I can eat an entire bucket of popcorn in one sitting).
  20. Pinterest (it’s an addiction).
  21. Getting work DONE and feeling refreshed.
  22. Taking pictures of my friends doing amazing things (and absurd, funny things).
  23. Smithsonian museums and the National Mall.
  24. Washington Nationals games.
  25. Meeting a new guy.
  26. Staying in…
  27. …but traveling to exciting, new places.
  28. Planned vacations > spontaneous vacations.
  29. “No makeup” days.
  30. Cozy sweaters.
  31. When the waiter says “we have Diet Coke” (10000x better than Diet Pepsi).
  32. Putting dreams into reality.
  33. The Greatest Showman.
  34. Sharing the gift of God with anyone.
  35. The fact that I’ve come up with 79 things already that makes me happy.
  36. Sunny & 75 dayzzzz.
  37. When I find a table in the dining hall.
  38. College football.
  39. Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akin’s relationship (sorry I had to lol).
  40. The South. Anything in the South. Can I move there already?!
  41. My name.
  42. Broadway shows.
  43. Musicals in general.
  44. My old middle school J-14 posters of Zac Efron, the Jonas Brothers, and yes, a full body poster of Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
  45. The fact that I’m not afraid anymore. #livefearless
  46. The sleeve on my coffee cup.
  47. Every single living thing that God created.
  48. Having the chance to earn a four-year education at such a great university.
  49. Shopping at Target.
  50. Buying more mugs than I can count (and then losing them).
  51. Calling my mom every single day, even when there’s nothing to talk about.
  53. Talking to my grandparents.
  54. Spending every chance I get with my family.
  55. Myself.

So I challenge you this: can you name 100 things that make you happy? I admit it was hard coming up with things. Some were kinda dumb (like One Direction and middle school posters) but some were real, honest, and vulnerable that I like to keep to myself.

We focus on the negatives in our day-to-day lives. We like to say “I hate that” and “I hate this” without ever saying what we actually enjoy. Take it from me – I like to complain A LOT. And that’s exactly why I wrote these 100 things. It made me realize all the good I have to offer and all the good things that have come through my life.

So next time you catch yourself complaining or saying something you don’t like, then say two things that make you happy. #spreadtheEnergy

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