creating content after college: POST-GRAD!!

creating content after college…

Yep, I graduated! I’m living that post-grad life and…somewhat loving it. I finally have some time to myself without that huge end-of-semester paper looming over my head. I finally can dedicate time to creating my own content for my own website.

………AND that’s why I’m so excited to announce that my blog will be launched soon on a self-hosted platform! Expect my website to officially be named If you must know, “liv, gracefully” is a portion of my name. My full name is Olivia Grace, so I took “liv” (what most of my friends call me) and “grace” (my middle name) and combined them together and made “liv, gracefully”! I’m so excited that I’m finally doing this. I’ve been praying and praying for this moment to come and I now know in my heart that I was born to do this. I was born to share my thoughts and passions with the world — even if no one wants to know my thoughts and passions.

I’m a content creator. And that’s what I’m doing. Creating content no matter who reads it, no matter where my life takes me.

~| bloggers that inspire me |~

First things first: when I first knew I wanted to start a blog, I had no clue how to start. All I knew is that I wanted to start a blog. So what did I do? I hopped aboard on a popular social media platform, or what bloggers call it ‘the blogging heaven’ — Pinterest. I created a board dedicated to my blog ‘liv, gracefully’ and started re-pinning ideas and articles on “how to start a blog in under an hour.” Don’t let that headline fool you, because you absolutely cannot start a blog in under an hour. I mean, yeah you can, but it takes more than 60 minutes to create a blog.

Instead of overloading on too many resources, I found the three to four best bloggers out there with blogging advice on their websites and studied their websites. I’m not saying I used only three bloggers, of course, I used others’ as well and I respect any fellow blogger but using only three to four bloggers kept it easier to know which track I wanted to take for my own blog. Advice for anyone who’s looking to start a blog: don’t read 1000 different posts about “how to start a blog in one day” or “starting a blog under five minutes.”

THE SWIRL BLOG: Gabby and Hannah

the swirl blog
Enter a caption: the swirl blog Instagram 

They were the very first bloggers that I followed on Instagram. Their IG profile makes me salivate over their brunch posts and aesthetically pleasing photos. They post about lifestyle and college, something that I wanted to heavily focus on in my own blog. And what makes them even cooler — they share their own blog! Both Gabby and Hannah, Gabby from North Carolina and Hannah from the Midwest, created the Swirl together. The Swirl is my #1 go-to blog for advice. Their section on blogging advice is awesome if you’re just starting out or just want a refresher course!


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Her feed is fantastic. Not only is she a rockstar blogger, but she is one of few bloggers that is in grad school! Her hashtags are always slaying like #kayladoesgradschool and #kaylaplans, just a few examples. She doesn’t post 24/7, which is actually something I appreciate but she doesn’t post once every two months (which is something that I need to work on lol).

DANI AUSTIN: Dani Austin

161K followers later…and she is still rockin’ her blog. Surprisingly, I actually tend to follow bloggers with a small following. I find that they’re more personal with their posts. HOWEVER, Dani Austin is one of the few bloggers/vloggers that I always love to see in my IG feed because she keeps it real. Her style is absolutely adorable yet her series “Things a sister taught me” really stuck out with me (I grew up with only brothers). She just got married so I’m dying to see all of the wedding posts. Plus, her dog Lola is the cutest thing ever!


Her South Africa vlog (her latest vlog) just went up and I’m now realizing that I want to go to South Africa. She blogs about anything and everything, from fashion, lifestyle, college, exercise, travel…you name it. I look at her page because she’s low-key about her blog — something worth admiring in the blogging community.



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