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I took four classes this semester, was the president of a publication on campus, and on track to start a blog. I am also getting an accreditation in public relations at the end of the semester for which I have to take an exam for. SEND HELP. #JK #NotReally #ImFine

staying on top of your schedule = girl bossHow do I manage all of these, and still have time to raise my glass of wine to the thought of graduating in three years? Scheduling. I owe my life to Google Calendar and Sticky Notes on Mac. If Mac didn’t have Sticky Notes, then I don’t know where I would be. I would be staring at my computer screen, wondering what the hell to do today.

I do a lot of scheduling in my head. As I’m walking across campus listening to one of my favorite podcasts, @JennaKutcher, or when I’m sitting in class trying to pay attention, I think about what I have to do today, tomorrow, and three weeks from now. And sometimes, those things get written down. However, sometimes they don’t.

It’s all about prioritizing. That’s how I stay on schedule — that’s how I stay motivated. For this blog, I keep an editorial calendar of when my written posts are going to publish and when to share on social media and any future posts that I need to write or edit. I do keep my blog calendar separate from my school and work calendar to keep things organized. I find that a “messy” calendar leads to a messy mind, so I keep things separate. Google Calendar allows you to see one calendar at a time or both, so it’s really your preference on which calendar you see on a daily basis.

I will also say this about prioritizing — saying no in college is important. Saying yes is important too, to make memories, but I came to college to get a degree and sometimes it felt like I forgot that; I always ended up saying yes to going out on a Thursday night when I really should have been studying. So if you have no homework coming up early next week, or have a lighter course load, then yes do go to that American-themed social. But girl, just say no if you have an exam!

partying mitch grassi GIF by Superfruit

I like to edit my posts twice a week. I post twice a week so that means I have two posts scheduled the week before. I find it easier if I have two posts all ready to go, just in case if life hits me like a truck one week…and that does happen in college (a lot of work, not actually getting hit by a truck).


When I write a post, I don’t edit it after I’m finished. Then, one or two days later, I look at it again for any content mistakes I made. I usually look for ideas that I don’t want to include anymore and large grammar errors. Then, a couple days later, I look at it again for a “final edit.” This is where I look it over, preview it with the cover image, and add any necessary images/gifs. Upon writing the first draft, I don’t like to edit for the sole purpose of getting all of my ideas out. It’s a final outline if you so choose to call it that. And each time you look at it at different times a week, it gives you more time to perfect what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Long story short: sometimes I over-schedule and sometimes I’m a complete mess. It’s all about time management and sticking to a schedule. Sometimes a schedule can change, but I like to stick to things to try not to “flake” on necessary assignments, lunch dates with my friends, and study time at the library. However, things do come at the last minute that you do have to be prepared for.

Let me know in the comments what works for you and your scheduling!

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