real talk: moving back home after college & living with your parents

Hiiiii so welcome to the first part of my #realtalk series. Technically when this post goes live my blog won’t be “live” yet, but I have a TON of important #realtalk posts planned and I’m super excited.

I graduated a month ago and moved back home. Whaaa? I didn’t travel to Europe right after, didn’t move into a brand new apartment, and didn’t land a full-time job right after graduation. What did I do? Naturally, I moved back into my old neon-green-painted room and made a nice little Netflix-watching habitat. After about two days of living off popsicles and coffee (the worst meal plan ever), I decided to get out of the house and put my expensive college degree to work. I became a part-time substitute teacher at an elementary school (read: recess monitor).

That being said, I do have jobs (real full-time jobs in my field) lined up. Interviews, I mean. I’ve found some great jobs in the RVA and DC areas and other cities too. But honestly, if I’m being honest, the best place for me and the rest of the 2018 grads out there is to live at home. Now if your dream job that you just landed is halfway across the country, then, by all means, take it! But if you’re unemployed and up to your neck in student loans, sometimes you have to take the entry-level job in your hometown before you climb the corporate ladder in big ole New York City.

I was nervous about moving back home. I’m from a really, really small town where people are itching to leave. If I went back, I honestly thought I failed. But that’s absolutely not true. First of all, my parents live here and I think they’re the most successful and hard-working people I know! Second, I have the freedom to move around, explore, and thrive all over the country. I’m not confined to one living space. The money I’d save on rent and utilities can go towards saving for that awesome apartment in an awesome city or Couchsurfing among your friends who did move out of their parents’ house and got an awesome apartment. Third, I get to spend time with the people that love me the most. I spent three years away from my family. Now, I want that time lost and get to sit down with them and have family dinners. I want to go shopping with my mom at Target. I would rather stay in on a Friday night and watch a movie with my mom and dad than bar crawling every night (and wasting money).

If you’re nervous about living at home with your parents, don’t be. It’s actually a blessing in disguise. If you stop and look at the benefits, then you’ll realize that maybe living at home for a couple of years isn’t too bad after all. HOWEVER, after a couple of years, your parents probably want you out. LOL.

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