you can find so much more than a job in college

Staying true to yourself, living through Jesus Christ, and being enough

I am sitting here, in my dorm room, pouring my thoughts onto this document as a follower of Jesus Christ. I admit I have lost my way. I have made mistakes — including some that would disappoint my mother — and been lost in my path with God. It’s hard finding yourself in college. You’re surrounded by so many people who are trying to forge their own path; it’s so easy to jump on the same job train as the person sitting next to you in Marketing 312 or Physics lab. It’s difficult because we try to find a job, internship, a major in college but why? To fit in? We compare ourselves to others and try to be someone else we’re not when that’s not the way we should be living. Those things are important but what’s truly important? God put on this wonderful earth that he created for a reason. God created you as an individual. So be the person that God created, even if you have no idea who that person is.

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; he that winneth souls is wise.” –Proverbs 11:30

Do you ever flip through Facebook and look at the wedding, job, baby announcements in your feed and feel so incomplete with your own life? Me 24/7. It seems that lately everyone is chasing their dreams and getting their dream job, marrying the man of their dreams, or having a baby. I have to be honest and say that it stings a little bit. I examine my own life: all the mistakes I’ve made regrets that I didn’t act upon at the time, and not being enough for the jobs and internships that so many others in my major or college that are getting.


I’m comparing my life to others and that needs to stop.


Every college student needs to stay true to themselves. Whether that’s through quiet time with God, having alone time with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix, or chasing after what they really want in life. You have to stay true to yourself. If you stay true to yourself, you will be happy. If you stay true to yourself and put your trust in God, then His plan for you will fall into place — at the right time. Yes, success and love are factors in the equation of happiness, but doing things that are important to you and only you is what’s going to be the deciding factor in your happiness.

You are the only version of yourself, so be that version that God created. You are the only one that can make you 100 percent happy.

“Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.”

For all the college students who are struggling with their faith or having regrets in college over stupid mistakes, I want you to know this: it’s okay. Those mistakes, those dumb mistakes you made freshman year are not worth thinking about. Those mistakes are what make you, you.

It is up to you to start living through Jesus Christ and by doing that, all your worries will wash away. One of my favorite passages from the Old Testament is Psalms, and in that is Psalm 27.

“Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.” –Psalm 27: 7

Fall at Jesus Christ’s feet and he will pick you back up. Fall to his grace and he’ll teach you the ways of Him. Instead of just reading different passages in Scripture, live through Him. Start by individual actions once every day. Smile at a stranger. Talk to God on your way to class. Tell a friend about His Word because His message is powerful and breathtaking. Everything will get better, with the sun shining just a little bit brighter every day. Just remember: you are enough. 

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2 thoughts on “you can find so much more than a job in college

  1. I am a college student myself, full time mom and wife, work full time and involved in ministry. I can relate in multiple ways. It’s hard to be different when everyone else around you is the dame (referring to light). Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible, God made a way for it to be possible it just won’t be easy. I see mistakes as a training session that would lead us to help other along the line when they are struggling. It’s good to be reminded who we are and who is the God we serve.

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