7 awesome dates you can take YOURSELF on

self-dates?? Let’s talk about that for a little bit..
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I preach about self-love. I mean cmon, that’s what this blog is all about! But when I’m not behind a computer typing away and drinking coffee at 6 p.m., I like to have fun. Like, actually have fun. And…I’m single. So I don’t have a bf or husband to entertain me with his dashing good looks and Kevin Hart sense of humor. What do I do to entertain myself? You wanna know?

I take myself out on my OWN dates.

1. goin’ to the movie theater.

I did a recent poll on my Instagram story (follow me here, shameless self-promo) and 100% of my followers said that it’s not only completely normal but AMAZING to go to the movies alone. I haven’t tested this theory yet, but I cannot wait to. I’ve been waiting so loooong to see Ocean’s 8 and I absolutely can’t wait to see it! (by the time this post goes live, I probably have seen it already!!!).

2. a coffee shop.

I used to do this all the time throughout college. I used to bring my backpack, order my skinny vanilla latte, and just sit there (& study). I was there to study and do my assignments, but I still had that alone time. That time to myself was much needed after roommates, group projects (ughhh don’t remind me), and just anything that was weighing on my mind that week. Fortunately for me, Starbucks was right around the corner from my building.

3. the dining hall, because who doesn’t love food? (honestly, any restaurant)

If you’re in college, go to the dining hall by yourself!! No one cares in college. Really. I can’t say it enough. I went to the food court in my shorts, oversized t-shirt, and Birks too many times to count.

4. the park.

YEEAH for nature, right?! If you’re a nature-lover like some people & not me, go to the park!! It’s relaxing, peaceful, and if you find yourself a nice pond, you can feed some cute little duckies. It’s almost as good as…

5. …a good old fashioned hiking day.

I grew up in VA, home to some of the beautiful mountains in the whole world. Hike the Blue Ridge Mountains or whatever is in your area. If you’re a seasoned pro and can, go alone! It can bring you peace and be so uniquely amazing.

6. a “Netflix and chill” night (or day)

These certainly ARE classified as dates!! Honestly, I “take” myself out on these dates almost every weekend (LOL). Turn on the TV, pop some popcorn, & put on your favorite binge-watching show even if you’ve already seen it three times over again! New Girl is my fav to watch over and over again. Friends & Grey’s Anatomy are close follows… sometimes you just need a little TLC and TLC.

7. turnin’ pages at the library.

AHH I just got a library card. Or renewed my old lib card. This is a huuuuuge deal because I’ve been away at college for three years and there I have easy access to the lib 24/7 where I study communication theories and listen to study groups. At a “real-life,” “post-grad” library, I get to walk up and down library aisles and browse books all day long! AND I get to keep some of those books (for a limited amount of time). I swear, get a library card. You will NOT regret it.

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8 thoughts on “7 awesome dates you can take YOURSELF on

  1. I love this and not just because you included libraries (I’m a library student :D)! We live such busy and stressful lives that we’re constantly forgetting to take me time and that we don’t necessarily have to things with someone else. Sometimes another person’s company is just another thing to have to deal with.

    1. yes. self-care is soooo important. sometimes you just have to plan some time in your day for “me time.”

  2. I really need to go check out my local library and I’ve been meaning to take myself to the movies! I’m great at dining alone but for some reason, I’ve been so hesitant to take myself to the movies! Thanks for the inspo!

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