real beauty, Instagram filters & feeling “pretty”

*disclaimer: this is not against anyone who wears makeup to feel pretty. I absolutely love wearing makeup when I go out & wanna have fun. I also do edit my photos to make them more appealing. This is a post about feeling pretty and real beauty. what matters to me is that every girl feels pretty no matter how much makeup they have on or what clothes they’re wearing. I’m not here to offend anyone 🙂  

I’m writing this today with absolutely no makeup on. I started wearing makeup in the eighth grade. TBH, I was only wearing eyeshadow and the occasional “lip balm” that my mom bought from CVS Pharmacy. Since then, I slowly got into applying foundation on my face, shaping my brows, and mastering the art of eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong — I love getting all dolled up, feeling pretty with perfectly shaped eyebrows and putting on my fanciest pair of heels — but I used filters on Instagram to hide my flaws and pretend like I don’t have that ugly zit on my chin. I realize…that’s not healthy FOR ME.

I realized I was wearing makeup to make myself more beautiful. And you know what? You know what’s better than makeup, hair products, and the filters? REAL BEAUTY!! Because guess who thinks you’re beautiful, amazing, and smart? JESUS

R E A L ~ B E A U T Y

Does anyone else feel like a queen when they put on makeup? Do y’all ever dance around your room acting like you’re a model in a photo shoot? BECAUSE SAME. Trust me — I love feeling like that. But how about the times when you don’t wear any makeup? Do you still feel like a queen? Those times, those times where you don’t wear any makeup at all are the BEST times. Those are the moments where God is behind the camera and he’s the photographer yelling, “YASS you queen!” and “work it girl!” Those moments when we don’t wear makeup, where we don’t wash and blow out our hair. He’s our biggest fan & we’re his followers.

Guys, going makeup-free has been AWESOME. It used to be that I have to at least put on foundation to go out in public (read: WalMart), but nooooo. And guess what? My skin not only feels better, but it looks better too. ANDDDD my relationship with the One has never been stronger. I’m growing my faith in real beauty. Because our Creator sees me and you as his beautiful creation. He created me out of nothing. I don’t want to ever cover up His creation.

So here’s the REAL me. No makeup, no hair products, nothing covering up any zits or wrinkles. I’m me, created in God’s glory and ready to take on the world.


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” -Ephesians 2:10

I know in this day of age, it can be hard seeing the Instagram models getting 100k likes and followers. You wanna be like them. I wanna be like them. And that’s perfectly normal. But what if we aspire to be something else…like loving one another in ~real life~ and letting ourselves be free without makeup? Makeup is fun and you can feel like a million bucks, but sitting down with the One himself is truly breathtaking.

So I challenge you this: go a couple of days without makeup. You don’t have to leave the house. Look at yourself in the mirror. I mean, really look. Notice all your good features. Feel pretty.

I can’t count how many times a day I say “I love Jesus.” When I read His Word, that’s when I feel more beautiful. Okay, okay I’m getting too cheesy. But let’s be real here. How does one feel “pretty”? Wearing makeup? Surrounded by the people that you love? What about the most beautiful and raw thing? Worshipping our one true Creator. Being vulnerable through Him and talking openly to Him is the truest form of pretty. I feel the prettiest when I’m wearing no makeup, oversized t-shirt and shorts with an open Bible in front of me. When I enter into the kingdom of heaven, God isn’t going to judge me based on my looks, how much makeup I have on or what clothes I wear. He’s going to judge me based on my heart.

Real beauty is based on within. Open your heart. Talk to God. Send a text to your girl group chat one compliment that isn’t based on physical beauty, but based on real beauty.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” -Matthew 5:8

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