10 things every 20-something girl NEEDS to hear

Whether you’re 20 years old or 29 years old, these things are what every girl in their twenties should hear.

Hiii I’m coming from you LIVE today with a brand new SERIES!! I’m super excited to start writing “what every 20-something girl needs.” All I want out of this blog is just to inspire others.

It’s okay if you don’t have everything together.

It’s summertime *insert gif of HSM here* and what are you doing? Your expectations of summer include traveling to Europe, taking cute beach pictures in a Jeep driving down some desert highway, and working at your dream internship. Your actual summer reality *probably* includes sleeping in until 9 a.m., laying in bed until 11 on Twitter and Instagram, and then re-watching Friends pretending you’re Rachel Green. But coming from me, it’s honestly perfectly OK that you don’t have that dream internship or fancy trips to Europe. Those things take time and patience — all apart of God’s plan. Just because you didn’t get that internship this summer, doesn’t mean you won’t get your dream job next summer or even five years from now.

Social media isn’t everything.

Going off the first point, what you see on social media is not the whole story. I’ve been a firm believer that people should enjoy the concert instead of filming the entire concert on Snapchat. Just because you see your friends on social media with blowout hair and happy at the beach or their super-duper cool apartment in a big city, don’t assume that their life is perfect. The first rule of social media: stay true to yourself. If you find yourself getting sucked into the world of Instagram filters, feeds, or comparing yourself to others, then take. a. break. from social media. Because when you take a break from social media, you’ll start to realize the good things that are constant in your own life, like home-cooked meals or your own car (if ya have one).

Water is HEALTHY, alcohol is not & exercise is worth it.

Ahhhh I wish someone told me to drink more water. OK, they did but  I didn’t listen. My choice of drink was coffee, then Diet Coke. I seldom drank water and when I did, I felt like a boujee badass. Don’t destroy your liver with vodka or whatever you like to drink at a party. And when you DO drink these depressants, make sure you are DEFINITELY drinking water. Alcohol dehydrates you and the next morning your brain/liver will hate you if you didn’t drink enough water. Water = good & alcohol = bad ……

…and exercise is actually worth it. I wish I exercised more in college. I’m trying to be more healthy in my twenties like working out more times a week and switching to a gluten-free diet (not a choice lol). Even if it’s picking and choosing a few days out of your busy week of laying on the couch to walk to the mailbox.

Singleness is wayyyy underrated.

Being single, especially in college, taught me that alone time is the BEST. Let me tell you rn, I see my friends in relationships so happy and I’m happy to see them happy. BUT if you’re anything like me, you get really down being the only single one of your friends! That’s perfectly okay!!! TBH, it’s a blessing. You get to sleep in your own bed, watch whatever you want on Netflix (& not share your password), and have fun with your friends whenever you want!! I’m not saying that girls in relationships can’t enjoy these things & single girls are only privy to this knowledge, but obviously there are things that single girls can’t do unless they’re in a relationship (like go on couple-y dates that aren’t set-ups or Tinder matches). If you’re in college, I recommend being single for a while.

Cry. Cry in the shower, cry in your car, cry whenever & wherever you need to.

Every 20-something girl needs a good CRY. Just thinking about that new Carrie Underwood song named “cry pretty” and how I sing it in the car shedding tears. Sometimes I don’t even have to think about sad things and I cry. It’s not embarrassing to cry. I don’t know whoever said that women shouldn’t show emotions in public (probably the same people who say that a woman president would be too emotional) but NOOO. Just. do. it. I’ve cried on the bus, in the parking lot, and even in class (yes, I was that bitch).

Your family will be always there for you.

Everyone has a different family throughout their twenties. Whether it be your actual family, your friends who turn out to be your second family, it’s the best feeling in the world to always have someone in your corner. When I came home from college, I didn’t realize how close I would get to my family. They’re literally always there. Family dinners, road trips to the mechanic, and sitting around the TV watching baseball & the Bachelor (I force them to watch ABC) just remind me that family means the world to me, especially when I’m going through a major life change of becoming an adult.

That boy is temporary, your friends are forever.

OK, he probably took you on cute dates and sent you cute good morning texts every day but what is better than that? Going out with your friends and your power girl group squad. I cannot emphasize this enough but friends. are. forever. I graduated college with a degree and a small handful of my friends. I came out with few best friends whom I’ll remain tight with for a long time. The friends I met throughout college and sorority life — I am v thankful for them. I’ll remain in touch but I keep three to four friends that I can talk to about anything and anytime.

Jesus is the most precious love.

GUYS. How many times do I say “I love Jesus” in a blog post? Obviously, I can’t write a blog post without writing it. Next time you cry over a guy or a bad test grade, remember that JESUS LOVES YOU. God sent His only son down FOR YOU. Jesus loved you so much he gave his only life for you. Why would you give up his love to cry over a boy that is only temporary?

If you want to do something, you should do it.

I make it my mission on social media to follow activists, girl bosses, & female politicians. My favorite person to follow on Twitter is Ellen DeGeneres because she’s literally the greatest. Like, the new Oprah. But more girl bosses I like to follow are the bloggers & vloggers that post inspiring quotes and spread positivity. If you want to start a blog, START IT. If you want to walk in an upcoming march/protest, DO IT. If you are passionate about something, then what’s stopping you from doing it?

It’s okay to fail.

If you haven’t gotten the point of this post, let me tell you it rn: your twenties are meant for you to learn about you. That being said, you can fail. You can see what you like, what you are good at. You can cry. You can be happy. You can reach milestones, get your dream job, quit your job, start a blog, fail a blog. You can do whatever you want and fail at your passions. Get back on your feet. Try, try again.

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8 thoughts on “10 things every 20-something girl NEEDS to hear

  1. Great post. I definitely think girls need to hear more of this around this age. Your 20’s are such a big time for self discovery and learning.

  2. This is such a cute post and I really needed it, so thank you! I turned 21 a couple of months ago and I already feel like I’ve fallen behind other people my age, but I’ve got to remember it’s not about keeping up with others but instead doing things at my own pace! ♡

  3. I’m closing out my 20s in the next 30 days but still consider myself in this category. All great points and I hope this helps all the young ones!

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