all about EVE: singleness, happiness & the mother of all living

I struggled with this week’s post. Because I wanted to start writing about women of the Bible but ALSO about singleness & happiness. And then I thought…why not both? The Bible is an amazing testament of Jesus Christ and his disciples (and followers)  — and those followers including women. Several incredible women are featured in the Bible starting with the first woman herself…Eve.

Eve is not that talked about. She’s the first woman, born from her husband, Adam. She bites the bad apple from the serpent in the Garden of Eden and gets her and Adam banished from the garden. I can’t count how many times people have “blamed” Eve as a joke for sin. Like, “oh I’m a bitch because Eve decided to eat an apple one day.” ???? How ???? That is soooo not how it happened.

“Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” -Genesis 2:22

Eve was created out of a man. OK listen, whenever I read Genesis my feminist side comes out a little. It seems that God created a woman out of a man so that Adam could have a “servant.” Someone to help him with chores — you know, gathering for apples. But that’s not what God intended when he created Eve. He created Eve so that Adam had a PARTNER. Someone to worship God and love the earth he so created. He didn’t create Eve to serve Adam, he created Eve to walk alongside him in his path with the Lord.

“Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.” -Genesis 3:20

To the girls out there that are unhappy being single: remember Eve. Remember that Eve, the first woman, was created to be a partner. God created Eve to be a partner, a mate for Adam. Just like Eve, God created you for your other half, or “Adam.” But don’t let that discourage you. He’s out there, your Adam is out there. He’s walking with the Lord. You’re walking with the Lord. God is guiding you on this path together that will eventually meet in the middle.

Being single for a while on that path towards your Adam, however, is amazing though. The path to your Adam can be filled with amazing memories, adventures, and stories that can teach you about pain, heartbreak, and loss. The journey is worth it if it’s a breathtaking destination.

God created Eve to be the mother of all living. OK…we do have the responsibility of painful childbirth and waxing to deal with — but as a woman, you are so much more than just a man’s rib. “…he took one of the man’s ribs” You are enough!!



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