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It’s been a HOT minute since I posted. I apologize for that but I do have a good excuse. I SAW TAYLOR SWIFT IN CONCERT. **Queen** Taylor Swift, if I must correct myself. From her self-titled album to her kickass reputation album, she has been such an amazing influence on my life. And seeing her perform live in concert was truly a blessing.

…but it really has been a couple of weeks since I sat down to write out a post. I’ve skipped a couple planned posts (not that good to admit as a blogger). I know I shouldn’t have any excuses besides queen t.s, but honestly, I don’t want to write a low-quality post. I just think I can write something so good if I set my mind to it and truthfully, I’ve been a little too busy to sit down and write a post. That, and my inspiration has been lacking.

This is every blogger’s problem. I know, I know shut up Olivia. I’m just complaining…blah, blah, blah. I mean, do I even consider myself a blogger? I mean, I write on the Internet so I have to be a blogger. Right? Ehhhh I have social media pages saying I’m a blogger soooo does that mean I am a blogger? What does being a blogger mean to me?


I started writing on the Internet a few months ago. March, to be specific. I wanted to start writing because I knew my time with Odyssey (campus publication) was ending and I had a hard time letting that ish go. But since then, I just knew that having my own blog was just the thing I needed to do, even if I don’t know what I’m doing with the rest of my life. It’s like I have this little corner of the Internet…and it’s truly amazing.

In honor of writing for this long and not giving up, I decided to make a little list (& I’m not actually titling this a listicle). Think of this “5 things I’m grateful for after graduation” listicle. Wait yeah, people still make those after college!

  1. mah family

    1. saying thank you once isn’t enough when it comes to my family. first of all, I am living at home and trying to find a job. they’re some of the best roommates around. home-cooked meals and someone to go to that wine tasting with you.
  2. starbucks being 5 miles away from me

  3. my friends who still hang out with me

    1. going to see Taylor Swift or just going out on the weekend to that wine (or beer) tasting…or taking a night and going to the club — the friends after college are the ones who will stick around and be your bridesmaids. even if it’s only three, four, or five…those friends are forever.
  4. this blogging community, whom I’ve heard is very supportive so…

    1. again, writing on the Internet has given me this blogging community. this community is so supportive, will follow for following, like for like…&& they understand what it’s like to have your own “corner on the Internet.”
    2. if you’re thinking about starting your own blog, def recommend finding a community of bloggers!!
  5. Jesus

    1. enough said.


I love talking about Jesus if you haven’t noticed. I actually recently read the book “am I enough” by THE Grace Valentine. She’s amazing and her book is life-changing! It’s a book that I’m going to keep so my future daughter will read. Speaking of…

…one of the ideas I got from her book is a journal. A journal dedicated to my future husband. So I started writing letters to my future husband. These letters are my wedding gift to my husband on our wedding day. It’s to show him what I was like before he met me. Lmk in the comments if I should write a letter on my blog, but they’re kind of private so I might not. also lmk if writing letters to my future daughter is a good idea!! I like trying out new posts to see what I like writing about. Right now, I like these posts where I write about three different subjects all in one post — but again, this is a new blog and I’m trying things out.

but every day I wake up in the morning I turn on some worship music, grab Jesus’s hand and D A N C E. it’s the greatest thing in the world just taking a leap of faith with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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