life’s an uphill battle…but the view’s great

Cheesy Miley Cyrus song, I know. I GET IT. But the message is clear: life is an uphill climb. But the view’s great. What would the world be like if everything was cookie cutter, life handed to you on a silver platter? Life is meant to be hard. The world will push you down and fight to make everything harder than you think it is. Sometimes, the world will seem like it’s against you and there’s nothing you can do to win. That feeling sucks…and especially that feeling repeating over and over again, every day until that little breath of air comes up.

I find myself scrolling through social media, growing envious of the random people in my explore field. I barely know these people and yet, I’m envious? I want what they have. I want that, I want my life to be cut up in squares. It’s like baking cookies: each teaspoon of dough represents a phase in my life. I plop one down, then plop the next one. One chapter closes in my life, another one opens. And yet…it’s not that simple. In books, the author leaves you on a cliffhanger. It feels like lately that the author of my book is trying to close a chapter but my mind keeps racing and wandering and doesn’t want to shut up. Where does one chapter end, and another one begins? How can I start over or how can I have a second chance?

I heard of that song, love is a battlefield. I think that’s WRONG. Sure, love is a battlefield, especially in the twenty-first century. You know what else is a battlefield? LIFE. Life is a battlefield and we’re all just fighting out here trying to stay alive (not literally). We’re fighting, clawing our ways to the top and don’t care who we hurt in the process. We’re fighting for that one internship or job thinking about how we’re going to get there with skills and education. And what does that opportunity take us to next? Fighting again for that next opportunity. When is it going to stop? Are we ever going to make it to the top of the climb where all the fighting is going to stop? Is this uphill battle every going to stop?

“job hunting is hard! “it takes months to find your dream job.” “don’t worry, be patient.” “you’re going to make a difference, someday…just be patient” “we wish you the best of luck in your job search.” I can’t count how many times I received that last one. I want to make a difference. I believe I can change the world someday. But all I need is that one chance. That one chance someone can take on me.

but you know what? I’ve learned life doesn’t work that way. That someone…that someone who can take a chance on you? THAT’S ME. I can give myself the chance to prove I’m worth it. Who can I prove it to? ME. I’m the only one that gives me a chance to change the world. I know I can change the world. I know I can inspire others. I just have to get out of my own way to let myself do that.

“Whatever sets your soul on fire, do that.”



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