self-care habits that every 20-something girl should have

honestly, I didn’t really have any “self-care” habits that I had regularly in my schedule. Sometimes I would draw a bath or indulge in a face mask, but that was rare. I thought self-care implied a day of pampering at a spa. But… that is not self-care. I mean, it is, but let’s be real: not all of us can afford a spa — especially if you’re a broke college student or a recent grad struggling to pay off student loans. so let’s rattle off some self-care habits that even the broke college kid or recent grad can do, even without getting out of bed for some of them.

1. walking.

ok, not going to lie or be that basic girl, but I hate exercise. I am the type of person that wears workout leggings but never works out. It’s weird. I’m weird. Whatever. But walking…boy oh boy, walking actually brings a somewhat piece of mind. so even if you’re lazy like me, throw on some leggings and your Nikes…and walk!!!

2. drinking coffee (or tea).

caffeine, caffeine, caffeine. I have to have it in the morning, afternoon, and sometimes if I’m really needing it, evening. although coffee can release stress, somehow when I drink a lot of coffee my heart rate speeds up. it’s the caffeine! so whenever I’ve had too much coffee, I switch to tea. I like drinking black tea and honestly, it makes me feel like I have my life together. and no, Diet Coke does not count.

3. online shopping.

my bank account might disagree with this habit, but shopping online can be a major stress-reliever. my favorite websites are Amazon, eBay, and poshmark. I absolutely loooove finding major deals on anything and when I find something I love, I just have to have it. I don’t shop online a lot, just because my bank account screams at me which leads me to practice other self-care habits.

4. cleaning my room = cleaning my life.

I am a messy person. let’s just make that clear. my room has a pile of clean clothes just waiting to be put away. if my old college roommate is reading this, I’m sorry about our dorm room freshman year (I’m not a pig, I just throw my clothes places when I’m lazy). so whenever I’m feeling crazy or feel like I’m about to cry, I start picking up those clothes and putting them away. or, do laundry. or if I’m really feeling like it, cleaning out my closet! put on some music, get some buckets (or trash bags), and start cleaning!!

5. reading.

wOw, before college (b.c. lol), I used to read for fun so much. I went through two books every week and I practically lived at the school library. and then college hit, and I went through several textbooks and required readings. my professors required me to read all these 14-page articles every week and I had no time to read. it was two years into college when I realized I hadn’t picked up a book and finished it in one sitting. so I found a book I liked, carved time out of my day, and made sure I read a chunk of it. and I finished it. and I kept reading the books I liked. it wasn’t until after I graduated when I finally got back to reading several books at once or reading several books in one month. curl up with a cozy blanket and start reading!

6. hanging out with friends.

go out and socialize! if you’re feeling isolated, or alone, then there’s nothing better than making plans with friends. catch a movie with an old friend. grab a coffee (or wine) with your work friend (they might turn out to be really freakin’ cool). or even FaceTime an old bestie. girl, having those friendships can be life-changing!

7. have Jesus chats.

when you’re really feeling anxious or sad, there’s nothing greater than talking with the One himself. open your Bible, open your notebook, and start writing to him. if writing isn’t your style, talk openly with him! find a corner of your room or a place all to your self and start talking to Him. He’ll make you feel like the most special one and so mushy inside. you’ll go on the rest of your day smiling. He is in your heart, reminding you of His love for you and how great you are. everyone deserves a little “me time” but hey, God deserves some “you time” too. He wants to talk to you. He enjoys hearing about your day. He enjoys hearing about your problems, despite what you might think. Talk to him when you’re feeling worried, anxious, or sad. you’ll feel great and smile more.



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