pursuing kindness & defeating old beauty standards

I have a problem. I struggle with the way I look. Sometimes my hair is greasy, my face is breaking out, or I just can’t find anything to wear. I wake up in the morning, walk past the mirror to get to my Keurig and boom! I’m hit with the “woke up like dis” look. And trust me, it is not a pretty look.

It’s hard. It’s hard, getting up early in the morning to shower, blow dry my hair, straighten it, and then put a fresh face of makeup that’s still my “natural look.” Why is it so hard for girls when they get up in the morning? It seems like us girls have to take 30…45 minutes to an hour getting ready in the morning — which btw includes hair, makeup, and picking out clothes & shoes. it sucks.

That’s my problem: focusing on what I look like. When I first wake up — after my coffee, mind you — I look in the mirror and instantly want to cover up. I want to grab my concealer and cover up the blemishes. I want to feel and look beautiful like an easy, breezy cover girl. #notsponsored

Instead of looking in the mirror and noticing all the blemishes, why not look in the mirror and notice your inner beauty? hear me out.

Look in the mirror tomorrow morning and say:

“I’m going to have a good day” 

“wow, I’m going to rock today because I got a brand new project to work on”

or my personal favorite, “I’m going to smile at least three people today.”

For my shy peeps, this is a challenge. Not like you’re mean, but we just don’t like to make eye contact when walking past strangers or acquaintances! It’s awkward and weird! But TBH, just smile @ them. They’re not judging you and even if you are, you’re showing kindness to them. If they judge you for showing kindness, then that reflects on their character — NOT yours.

My problem is looking at outer beauty instead of inner beauty. I don’t try to focus on my looks, but looks give off a first impression and I really want to make a good impression at work. But let me be frank. The best workers are the ones that smile, include others, and just generally be nice to their co-workers. Maybe they’re not the best-dressed of the office, but they smile at their colleagues and don’t focus on the negativity.

Wouldn’t you rather be known for kindness and a good heart than how many likes you got on your Instagram bikini photo?

You have a purpose on this Earth and God wants you to live it out the greatest possible way. I want my mission, my purpose in life to be able to inspire others through kindness. When waking up every day and looking in the mirror, instead I’m going to think about how I’m going to impact the world. Let’s start showing our inner beauty instead of outer beauty.

girl, you are so much more than what you look like. Stop worrying about how much makeup or clothes you wear. Focus on the inside. After all, like what your mothers and grandmothers told you growing up…its what’s on the inside that counts. 🙂






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