Let’s Talk About Creating Content…and BLOGMAS!!!

This is a short blog post.

I’ve been writing for four years. Four years of writing for the Internet. I could get one view or a thousand views — and I’ll still be writing. It doesn’t matter how many page views I get or how many followers I have on Instagram. I love writing. It brings a sense of pride. Pride of publishing my own work for the world to see — even if that world is only one person. Someone else is reading my work, being inspired by my writing.

I’m excited to continue creating content. There are some days where I have no idea of what to write. Days, weeks, even months go by. But that doesn’t stop me; I don’t quit. Momma raised no quitters.

Soooo….I’m really excited to announce I’ll be participating in #Blogmas this year! It’s going to be a MEGA challenge with starting a new job, but I’m going to dedicate 100% of my time away from my job to Blogmas. I really want to make my blog a priority from now on. I’ll be creating a new blog post for every day of December, or at least until the 25th.

I couldn’t be more excited, although the excitement does bring nerves as well. I’m working to update my newsletter which you can subscribe to and I can provide more information on Blogmas and what exactly I’ll be posting this month.

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogmas!!!



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One thought on “Let’s Talk About Creating Content…and BLOGMAS!!!

  1. I love this so much. I am currently doing Blogmas as well…or at least giving it an attempt. I am so happy with myself at the moment and this year there is such a big hype for it. I am looking forward to reading your posts.

    Have a great Christmas.

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