Speak Life, Speak Truth, Speak Boldly

I am shy. I am shy, timid, quiet, “weird”, and introverted. I never liked the term shy. It always brought a negative connotation. People would comment on how shy I was and give me a pitying look that said something like “aw, she is shy.” So what? So what I’m not the first person in the world to stand in an awkward conversation or constantly question if this is the right time to even enter the conversation? I can’t just magically start a conversation. I’m scared. I’m scared of what the other person will think, will say, will act around me. I’m afraid society won’t accept me…and that’s something I shouldn’t be afraid of.

I’m afraid society won’t accept me when I speak up. I’m afraid that people will think I’m weird, too straightforward, and my personal favorite: that they’ll reject me. I’m afraid of rejection. Me, and a thousand other introverts who are too afraid to speak up for themselves.

Why am I afraid of rejection? Why am I afraid to speak my own truth? I’m afraid of the people around me. I’m afraid of their judging nature. I’m afraid people will judge me.

But that’s not their problem. That’s not anyone’s problem. That’s MY issue, my issue that I need to resolve myself. Those people aren’t judging me. They’re not thinking about me. Constantly we think about ourselves and how we are perceived to the world when we don’t think of others who are thinking the same exact thing. If you constantly worry about what people might say or think if you do something out of the ordinary, don’t! Because 99% of the time, they aren’t thinking of you. 99% of the time, those people aren’t judging you. They’re applauding you. Applauding you that you spoke up and spoke your truth. If they’re nice. If they’re not nice, then you have no business worrying about what they think of you. 

There’s an insanely amazing verse out of Isaiah that really speaks volumes on this sort of thing.

“Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?” -Isaiah 2:22

Why do we focus solely on what other people think of us? God’s opinion is the one that matters. When we focus on what other people think of us, we throw away his faith in us. He wants us to succeed, to speak life and truth with such boldness that Paul did in Acts & Romans. And when we don’t, we turn our backs on God. On the One that is calling us to succeed. Calling us to speak those words to spread to others.

God wants us to speak life, Y’all. He wants us to speak our truths and not be afraid! This world is big and scary. God created this world with such goodness and then sin crept its way through when Adam and Eve bit into that apple. Judging, envy, gossip, brokenness, anxiety, worry, and other dark sins crept into the world and destroyed God’s goodness. Instead of turning away from God, let’s turn away from the envy, judging, brokenness, and worry. He wanted us to speak life into the world. He wanted us to speak truth and light into this broken world filled with worry, anxiety, fear, envy, and judging.

Right. Easier said than done. How do we do this?


When you accept God’s love into your heart, when you accept the love of Jesus Christ in your heart, you surrender to Him. Nothing else matters because He himself is the one true King. The one true King that can shed light in your darkness. He can remind you every day that you’re not broken. He can drag you out of your corner you were hiding in (looking at you, my fellow shy people) and bring you into the light. He can bring you to the center of the party so you can speak life, speak boldly, and speak His truth. All you have to do is accept Him in your heart. Love Him. Trust Him. Accept His message in your heart.

Because sweet child, once you do that, you can enjoy the reckless, overwhelming love of God. Your faith in Jesus can be bigger than your fear. All you have to do is accept Him.


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