My New Year’s “Promises” And How I Plan To Stick To Them

  1. Trust in Him, because he always provides.
  2. Be more assertive.
  3. Read 25 books in 2019.
  4. Increase blog following.
  5. Work on my novel.
  6. Lose that “freshman fifteen” from three years ago.

Yeah, that’s basically it. How do I achieve these? First of all, I don’t call them resolutions. That just puts added pressure that I must achieve them, and they don’t actually get done. They’re more like…suggestions. Like hey, Olivia, you can increase your blog following by doing xyz…

You want to know how I’m going to achieve these? Take it day by day. For instance, if I want to read 25 books total in 2019, that means I need to read 2 books a month (if my math is right, sorry — I majored in Comm Studies). That’s achievable, when you put your mind to it. It’s all about mind over matter.

You gotta stick to your resolutions, girl. Make a list. Stick it on your desk, vision board, in your car, or favorite dream journal. Put it on your mirror! You wake up and look at yourself in the mirror every day, so why not put it in a place that you see every day?

Most important resolution: Trust in Him. Because He always provides. This is something I myself need to write on my mirror. I need to remind myself that God has a plan for me and he knows my purpose. He’s way ahead of me in my timeline. I just need to trust Him. I just need to let go and let God.

This is a super short post, partly because I am trying to write this before 2018 ends, and partly because I just want to watch New Girl again. #nickmillerisgoalz.

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