5 Life Lessons “Friends” Can Teach Every 20-Something

Do you like the show “Friends?” I do, I do! I’ve watched and re-watched Friends over and over again (currently re-watching the series now) to the point where I can quote certain lines and know the lives of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross backwards and forwards. The One Thing I Love About The Show is that there are “lessons” in each episode that a member of the gang learns, but it’s something us “peasants” struggle with, too. Here are just a few lessons I’ve picked up from watching “Friends.”

1. To not worry about what other people think of you.

The one person on “Friends” that did not care what other people thought of her is Phoebe. Phoebe took life by the horns and threw the horns right out the window. She’s carefree, but she is also caring about her friends. She speaks her mind, yet her thoughts and her brain are something that scientist could study in a lab. She runs wild in the park, plays guitar [badly] in a coffee house, and my personal favorite, gives birth to her brother’s triplets. Now THAT’S something you don’t hear every day, yet Phoebe did it with little amount of deliberation. Phoebe can teach us all that the only opinion about you that really matters is yours.

2. That no matter your past, you can always make something of yourself.

Rachel came in to the show (read: Central Perk) literally in a wedding dress. She showed up at Ross’s apartment (and got off the plane), giving up a job in Paris working for a major fashion retailer. Joey came in to the show as a struggling actor barely getting by with poor commercials and lousy plays [some of them were pretty comical]. By the end of the show, he had a recurring gig on a huge soap opera. All six members of the gang lost their jobs and was unemployed at one point. But that didn’t stop them. They picked themselves up, with the help of their friends, and got right back on the horse. Sure, the horse might’ve pushed them off again, but they remembered to always get back up. No matter what happened, you can always do better. You can always make something of yourself — no matter what is in your past.

3. The things that you want the most can be right under your nose.

Monica and Chandler are my all-time favorite couple on this show, maybe even in my top ten TV couples ever [leave in comments below if ya want that article]. But the thing is: Monica and Chandler were friends way before they started dating (read: shacking up). Monica wanted a boyfriend, a husband, a baby. She didn’t think she was ever going to find the “perfect” husband to give her what she wanted. Handsome and dreamy Richard was out. But then, with some magic (and alcohol), life threw Chandler in her way. And the rest was history. See, you could already have met your soulmate. Or not. But, don’t complain and whine about the things you don’t have. Appreciate the things you do have and the things you don’t have but want to have, will come eventually — or in Monica’s case, be already there, just waiting in the wings (again, in Monica’s case, the next apartment over).

4. Food, according to Joey, is ALWAYS the answer (and laughter).

I mean, this should already be a given, but Joey taught us all that food is ALWAYS a right answer. What was that Thanksgiving episode when he ate that disgusting beef trifle that Rachel made? Everyone hated it, but he loved it and makes me laugh SO hard. “Jam? Good! Custard? Good! Beef? Goooood!” But not just that, Joey brings a type of humor that no other character [okay, maybe Chandler] brings. He might be a little ditzy, but he laughs at himself. And eats A LOT. So stop trying not to eat just because you want to lose ten pounds. If you’re feeling sad, just give yourself a snack! And remember to laugh at yourself when you mess up or don’t know the answer to something. You’re still an amazing and unique individual that brings something to this world.

5. No matter what, your friends (and family) will always be there for you.

Cheesy and cliche, I know. But I had to throw this in there! The literal theme song is “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts. No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how many divorces you have…your friends will always be there for you. You can leave a guy at the altar, get divorced three times, have your brother’s triplets, or whatever…but your friends will ALWAYS be there for you. Appreciate them. Love them. Call them rn.

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